Custom Photo

Custom Photo




2 weeks


UX/UI design




Product manager

Engineering manager

Front-end developer


Creator merch stores feel generic and aren't expressive.


Improve customization for creator merch stores.


Increased percentage of new merch stores.


StreamElements is the leading provider of engagement and monetization tools for content creators. The merch product allows creators to design their own merch and customize their storefront. I led the end-to-end design process for the new custom photo feature.


Qualitative analysis

Through interviews and surveys, we learned from creators the desire to improve customization for the storefront.

There were many themes that we found just within storefront customization. One of which was to upload their own photos to use on the storefront.



Looking at the screens for the current user flow, I identified potentially affected areas in the UI. Knowing the specific screens also allowed me to better understand the project scope.


I shared three early sketches with my team. I created a "low lift" approach while another was an "aspirational" approach. This helped us to decide on a direction to move forward with and reiterate on.


Merch dashboard

I used the contextual menu to leverage since this is the existing pattern to see more actions. This also reduced risk of creating UX debt.

I carefully crafted the UX copy for each state of the pop up modal.

Product listing page

Custom photos are automatically used as the featured image for the product. If there are two custom photos uploaded, the featured image uses the "default" photo that the creator selected.

Product detail page

Since the selected color variant doesn't affect the custom photo, we chose to place any custom photos as the last in the image ordering.


Creators immediately adopted the custom photo feature upon launch. This layer of customization to the storefront allowed creators to present their merch in their own unique and expressive ways.

I was excited to learn how creators were using the custom photo feature. I observed different types of photos that were uploaded such as custom graphics of lay flats and photos of the creator themselves in a lifestyle setting. This already gave me ideas on how we might improve this feature in the future.

This launch also resulted in an increase of new stores. Listening to our creators from the qualitative analysis gave us the confidence that this feature would make a business impact.

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