Metered Article

Metered Article


10 weeks


UX/UI design


Visual design



Senior director of product

Senior product manager

Product manager

Executive director of engineering

Executive director of product

Project manager


We know that exclusive news is a main reason subscribers use the platform. We believe that preview access to exclusive news for non-subscribers will result in an increase in new subscribers.


A non-subscriber accesses a news article page in a partial-view mode. They cannot navigate anywhere else on the platform, but they can learn more about each feature.


Politico Pro is a policy platform built to meet the needs of policy analysts, researchers, lobbyists, and consultants. The exclusive news is a main reason why subscribers choose the platform. I led design in a growth experiment by leveraging this to acquire new subscribers.


Information architecture

I looked at the current structure to understand exclusive news on the platform. The three main sections are Pro News, E&E News (acquired by Politico), and Newsletter.

I also identified the potential entry point for non-subscribers.

System model

I mapped out different properties such as user actions, system inputs, and content. This helped us to visualize the test and which properties we might tweak.

I created three different concepts that we might use for testing. I also visualized the current state to use as a reference as we were designing the experience for a new type of user: the non-subscriber.


The article page has four actions. Originally, one of them sends the subscriber the article text to their email.

I looked at this as an opportunity to build upon existing user actions.


I shared concepts for a share pop-up menu, share modal, email notification, and a partial-view mode of the article page.


Article page

The original user action (send article text to the subscriber's email) is the first item in the share pop-up menu. I wanted to reduce any possible frustrations with users adjusting to this UI update.

Email notification

The content in the email is kept to a minimum to quickly direct the non-subscriber recipient to the article page. The optional message also appears right before the primary button.

Article page partial view

As a baseline test, we decided to not place any metered limits on visits by non-subscribers. Instead, we decided to place the limit on the viewable content. I worked with the Senior Director of Product to determine the viewable content limit.

Upsell modal

Although non-subscribers have limited access inside the platform, it is still an opportunity for them to get a feel of the product. We built on this opportunity as a moment for them to learn about each feature. I also designed the images for each upsell modal variant.

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